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An exclusive look at the best pie in TO (for real)

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Wanda’s Pie in the Sky would make us think of the pie our mom used to make, if our mom’s pie was anywhere near as good. Sorry, mom. This Kensington Market staple is the source for all things dessert singlehandedly added two inches to our waist and we have zero regrets.


wanda's pie in the sky

Your eyeballs are going to get a hefty dose of blue in many forms when you enter. It’s okay, just ride the eclectic ocean vibes all the way to the counter.

Here you’ll find many baked goods to make a hard decision between. Cookies, flaky croissants, tarts, the works. However, there’s one thing that’s good above all else here, obvs. We’re here for the pie!

more inside

Wanda does pie right. The crust is flaky when it wants to be and soft when it needs to be, just like our ex boyfriend. The filling is packed with local fruit and we’d gladly eat with with a spoon given the opportunity.

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We’re not surprised the pie is perfected. In fact, Wanda started baking at 9 years old using sour cherries from her family’s orchards. Sour cherry is still her favourite, and the pie has only gotten better.


You can also find savoury treats and sandwiches here, but don’t even think of leaving without pie. That’s a sin in these parts.

Also, there’s gluten free and vegan circles of happiness too. So, everyone can partake!


Between the 15 fruit pies, 9 apple pies, 9 cream pies, and 6 custard and nut pies, we think you’ll find something to love here.


Where: 287 Augusta Ave