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Drake’s restaurant in Toronto is getting shut down for not paying rent

Via Curiocity Toronto

Drake’s estimated net worth is somewhere in the ballpark of $150 million. Despite that, Drake’s restaurant just bit the dust for not paying rent. Guess the Toronto real estate market can really get the best of anyone! Ha!

If you recall, Pick 6ix Sports just got a major overhaul earlier this year. Renovations and new menus don’t really solve anything if you forget to write a rent check, though. In fact, the sports bar was an entire $67,500 behind on rent, according to the Star. Our landlord wouldn’t have that much patience, that’s for sure.

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According to the restaurant’s Instagram, they closed due to flooding. However, the flooding happened after their lease was terminated. Nice try, Papi. Pick 6ix’s voicemail claims they’re going to reopen in 2020, but we’re not holding our breath on that one.

Well, Drake? Who’s getting the mortgage paid on that Bridle Path mansion? You might wanna have them oversee your restaurant ventures, too. Seems someone dropped the ball there. Goodbye, Pick 6ix. Rest in peace.

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