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Danforth favourite The Ellery is closing after five years in Toronto


the Ellery

Another restaurant is closing in Toronto. Only this time, we don’t have the pandemic to blame. Well okay, we kind of do. But not in the way you’d expect. In an announcement made on Instagram, The Ellery explained that the restaurant will be closing so the owners can spend more time with their families. The decision was made after the pandemic forced them to take a step back from work over the past few months. So yeah, it is still COVID-19’s fault, but at least not in the usual financial strain-way.

But regardless of the reason, we’ll still miss this classy little bistro. Over the past five years, the Danforth resto has really made a name for themselves. People stop by from all over town to enjoy a pint at the bar, a key lime tart, or their famous Bistro Burger. Ugh, we’ll definitely miss that oozy, savoury Bistro Burger.

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But we’ve still got a couple days to enjoy this spot! The closure isn’t officially happening until the end of Saturday’s service. So if you don’t have dinner plans tonight, be sure to stop by and say goodbye.

In the Instagram post announcement, The Ellery named the two new owners who will be taking over the space; Rauni and Anna. We’re very excited to welcome them to the neighbourhood and see how they change up the place! Stayed tuned for more updates on that.


Where: 1870 Danforth Ave