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Crucial PSA: Edible cookie dough is open on Queen W

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There are a couple of kinds of dough we like to have in our life. Cookie dough is at the top of the list. Dough TO has ever so softly opened their summer pop-up, so we’re about to do a lot of trading one kind of dough for another!

Obviously, cookie dough is everything, but salmonella is not. Dough TO is all about the edible kind, not the kind that we make edible when it’s not supposed to be.

cookie dough to

Dough whips up safe to eat scoops of chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, Oreo, birthday party, salted caramel, and triple chocolate. Did we mention there are vegan and allergy-friendly options in there? Casually drooling.

Also, each scoop comes with a shot of milk, which is beyond ideal.

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Also, a little birdie told us they’re working on stuffed cookies, ice cream, and dough jars. The pop-up storefront is officially softly open, which is a weird way to say you can now go get some cookie dough! Go wild, pals.


When: Until fall 2019
Where: 719 Queen St W

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