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Check out this $5 beer and pizza Blue Jays deal

Via General Assembly

Take us out to the ball game! Then, take us out for pizza. General Assembly Pizza is launching a home-run special for all you baseball fans out there.

They’re a stone’s throw- er, pitch- from Rogers Centre. It only makes sense that General Assembly would be the place to go for pre/post game snacks. By snacks, we mean entire pizzas.

general assembly pizza

Nothing makes pizza better than beer, right? Actually, beer has that effect on many things. Stop by all baseball season long for a $5 pint of Ace Hill with the purchase of a pizza.

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general assembly interior

The menu’s stocked with 10 signature pizzas. Also, there’s salads and snacks.

We’re loving the King ‘Shroom, which has white balsamic and cremini mushrooms on three kinds of cheese. Not shrooms, mushrooms. No worries.


We’ll catch you there on game nights, pals!


Where: 331 Adelaide St W

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