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Brand new Niuda completely changes the noodle game

Via Niuda

Niuda noodle bowl

Hand-pulled noodles are so good, we’ve been eating them the same way for 400 years. Or so we thought…

Niuda is the newest noodle bar in Toronto and they’ve revamped the way Lanzhou noodles are made.

Chef pulling noodles

Normally, the hand-pulled noodles are served with mild broth and toppings. Enough of this “mild” business. Niuda takes five hours to perfect the flavour of their Wagyu beef broth. Talk about next-level devotion!

The resulting broth is insanely rich and one of a kind. You can top off your bowl with soft boiled eggs (that YOLK tho) and marinated braised pork belly.

Niuda side dishes

Japanese-style ramen toppings on a new and improved Lanzhou noodle soup, why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

Even the decor is a nod both to tradition and modern style. From the front of the shop, you see a minimalist teal interior. From the back, however, it’s all wooden texture and classic Chinese style. We’re in love with it all.

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Chef pulling noodles

Okay, we know you’re just wondering when you can get your hands on these noodles now. The grand opening of Niuda is February 1st, and there’s free noodle soup between 4 PM and 6 PM. You heard that right: free. There are angels among us and they work at Niuda.


When: Friday, February 1
Where: 204 Queen St W
Time: 4 PM- 6 PM