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Award-winning 24-hour bagel shop opening soon

Via Kettleman's Bagel Co. on Facebook

Nobody should be able to tell you when you can and can’t eat a bagel. Ottawa fave Kettleman’s Bagel Co. is officially moving into Toronto, and they have no rules on your bagel hours. Their bagel hours are 24/7 so yours could be, too! Midnight carbs taste better for some reason.

We know what you’re thinking, “you won’t pry this asiago cheddar Tim Horton’s bagel from my cold, dead hands.” Dude, step up in the world. Kettleman’s Bagel Co. has won awards (yes, there are awards for bagels) so it’s going to be worth a taste.

frehs bagel

Along with classics like onion and herb cheddar bagels, they’ve got some fun forms of carbs on the menu. Namely, we’ve got an eye on the all-dressed pizza bagel. Also, they’ve got a bagel dog. It’s exactly what it sounds like and we are so stoked!

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kettleman's bagel co

Also, what would a bagel be without some fillings? Well, probably still pretty good. However, we’re believers that most things are better in sandwich form. You can snag everything from breakfast bagel sandos to chopped liver sandos to spicy veggie sandos. So much sandwich!!!

You can catch all the bagel action in Etobicoke in the fall. We will be there any/all hours of the day.


When: Fall 2019
Where: Alderwoods Plaza, Etobicoke

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