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A Tim Hortons drive-thru customer took sanitizing way too far (VIDEO)


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Listen, we know that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis can have tensions a little higher than normal. And we know pretty much everyone is paranoid about picking up germs that contain the virus. But this Tim Hortons customer might have taken his paranoia a touch too far.

In a tweet that was posted Tuesday, and has since gone viral, this Timmies customer can be seen vigorously spraying his coffee at the drive-through window. Then he removes the lid, throws it inside the Tim Horton’s, and drops an F-bomb at a car that honks behind him. It’s not exactly what we picture when we think of the typical kind and polite Canadian.

This all took place at a London, Ontario location of the Canadian staple. In the video, the man can be heard saying “somebody in another Tim Hortons in Brampton has it… So I want you to stay away from me, no offence.” He is likely referring to the Tim Horton’s employee in Brampton who tested positive for the virus earlier this week. We’re not sure if this customer has seen a map of the province lately, but with Brampton and London being about a two-hour drive apart, it’s a little odd that the reference was made.

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Although drive-thrus have remained open throughout the ongoing crisis, perhaps with this level of paranoia it’d be best for those who are too afraid to use them politely, to adhere to social distancing a little more strictly. Yes, we’re talking to this specific customer. Stay home next time, sir.

As for Tim Hortons’ response, they’ve released a written statement from Chief Corporate Officer Duncan Fulton. In it, he says that “Canadians are known as thoughtful, reasonable and respectful people and now more than ever we ask everyone to demonstrate these values and show respect to those working tirelessly in the midst of the pandemic.” He then went on to “thank all the workers across Canada who are keeping our essential services running.”

And we would like to echo that thank you! Without these workers, this difficult time would be much much harder.

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