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5 cool and unique places to grab a bite at this weekend

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Attention foodies! The weekend is coming up which means we’ll have a little extra time to explore the restaurant scene in the city. If you want to mix things up this weekend, ditch your usual snack spot and head to one of the cool and unique places on this list. There are tons of amazing restos for you to explore. So put on those stretchy pants and get right to it.

Here are 5 cool and unique places to grab a bite this weekend.


Our first pick is the latest instalment of the über popular Toronto chain, PLANTA. This 100% plant-based spot has been a go-to for Toronto vegans and meat-eaters alike. Their brand new Mexican-inspired location just officially opened this week and already they’re getting great reviews! Stop by this weekend and see what all the hype is about.

Where: 10 Temperance St


This unique spot is kinda like if Snakes and Lattes and an escape room had a baby. You can sip on coffee and snack on baked goods while you play one of their many available board games. Or test your problem solving skills with a trip through their escape room. Overall, the spot makes for a really great afternoon spent with friends.

Where: 479 Yonge St

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Whoever said dining couldn’t be a Whole Experience™️ clearly had never dined at O.Noir. This spot takes your regular dinner adventure and ramps it up about a hundred notches. When you eat here, you’ll be dining in complete darkness. Then, all of your other senses become heightened, giving you a much richer and fuller experience of the food. The idea is to raise awareness of and give customers a sense of what it’s like to be blind. In fact, all the wait staff of this joint are visually-impaired themselves. It’s definitely a spot you’ve gotta check out at least once.

Where: 620 Church St


September is back-to-school season so to honour that theme our last pick is a restaurant centered on, you guessed it, school. This Liberty Village spot has tons of tasty treats on the menu, but where they really shine is brunch. Stop by and get a taste of their delicious Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles. Or their Black and Blue Flapjacks. They’ve even got a Millennial Toast for those of you not in school anymore but still celebrating your academic spirit. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be delicious.

Where: 70 Fraser Ave


Alright, this one is included for a very simple reason- they are selling a big lobster melt. If you need more convincing, the location is great, decor is stunning, and the penthouse is now open for indoor and rooftop dining. There, you’re convinced.

Where: Dineen Building, 10 Temperance St Fl 5

Happy dinning, everyone! Let us know which of these amazing places you hit up first!