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20 Toronto Restaurants make ‘Canada’s Top 100 Outdoor Dining’ list

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The Top 100 Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Canada have been compiled by OpenTable based on nearly half a million user reviews. It comes as no surprise that Toronto did very well on the outdoor dining list, with 20 entries from the GTA. Well done, TO!

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OpenTable put together reviews from April 20, 2018, and March 31, 2019. Using a bunch of unique data points, plenty of science, and probably some math, they were able to come up with a top 100 list. Now, we’re not refuting their findings, but we do feel like some places may have been missed. Toronto loves its patios, after all!

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Anyway, without imparting our own bias, here’s the list of Toronto restaurants that made the cut!

There you have it, folks. What do you think of the list of Canada’s best outdoor dining spots? A few of our favourites are missing, but hey, that’s show business, baby!