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What you can see at the wild DREAM SPACE pop-up

Via Curiocity Toronto

It’s time to follow your dreams, Toronto! Anthony Ricciardi, a local of many talents, has opened the doors of DREAM SPACE (shouty Italics!) to the public.

A real-life example of ditching the mainstream to do what you like, Ricciardi’s a definite name in the world of contemporary art. Additionally, fun fact: he played Div 1 NCAA baseball. This was prior to dipping on his job as a finance bigwig. Now, he’s got two new pop-ups in the city.



We did a little initial run through of DREAM SPACE to get you the lowdown on what you can expect to see. Here are some fun art words for ya: It’s a multidisciplinary, interactive, experiential installation. AKA you can interact with it. It’s 2,500 square feet of canvas and sculpture.

There’s plenty of trendy art, of course. Also, you can dive into a pit of (fake, sadly) money before adding your own dreams to the dream wall.

follow your heart


Also, there’s a hidden experience with 15 large-scale interactive installations. We can’t give you all the spoilers!

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chase ur dreams

As Riccardi puts it, “My sincere hope is that everyone will find something that speaks to them and will ultimately stoke a fire within to explore their own aspirations.”

So, hopefully you can find your own inspo to chase your dreams here. Heavy stuff for a pop-up!

once a dream

Check out DREAM SPACE at the Yorkdale Mall now!


When: Open now
Where: Yorkdale Mall, 3401 Dufferin St

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