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Try unicorn shakes and unique poutine at Uncle Betty’s

Via Curiocity Toronto

You already know Uncle Betty’s Diner. Everyone knows Uncle Betty’s Diner. It’s one of the most-loved diners in Toronto, and for good reason! You won’t find the same food anywhere. We’ve got an exclusive peek into this brunch mainstay, so get ready for some major food envy!


Uncle Betty might conjure up some images of a burly bearded woman in an apron, and that’s about the vibe here. Everything is a little more left of center than your average.

The brunch staples are perfect. Chow down on buttermilk pancakes, King’s Hawaiian brekkie sandwiches, and sweet potato hash.

Stopping by on a weekday? Betty’s got breakfast and lunch ready for ya. Try the Breakfast Dog, an egg-wrapped Nathan’s dog with fries. Also, consider a nice little steak and tomato salad, which is how we’d like every salad in our future to be.

Then, we recommend giving the Uncle Betty twist on pot pie a try! We love a rhyme. Tangy pulled pork, carrots, buttery mashed potatoes, cheddar, all baked to a lovely crisp. Sorry, get your own.

What we like to do is see what weird food/milkshake combo we can come up with. We find a nice meal of meatloaf poutine and unicorn milkshake to get the best confused looks from the servers. At Uncle Betty’s, you do you, fam

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So, whether you’re just stopping by for a sprinkle ice cream cone or going elbows-deep into a brunch plate, forget average and stop by here. You and everyone else in Toronto is into it! We’ll be happily in the corner with our nacho plate.


Where: 2590 Yonge St

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