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TO’s best place for rooftop views and legendary margs

Via Curiocity Toronto

It’s better on top. Er, up top. That’s the saying at The Porch Toronto, AKA everyone’s favourite rooftop bar! There’s nothing quite like basking under the sun, right under the CN Tower, with a massive margarita in hand. We’ve got an exclusive look into this go-to destination. Get up top!

There’s plenty of neato bars in Toronto, but none other like The Porch. We don’t want to know what their rent is, but we do want to keep eyeing down that perfect city view.

If the view’s starting to swim a little, it’s probably because we can’t get enough of their drinks. This spring, they launched bulldogs in a bucket. No, the watermelon slice doesn’t quite soak up the alcohol from your stomach. It does soak it up from the bucket, though!

Additionally, they’ve got Frosé for all you basics. Actually, basic or not it’s just really good. It’s frozen rosé, in case context clues weren’t quite sufficient there.

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Finally, we can’t not mention the marg towers. Sorry for the double negative, but we’re half a tower deep. These babies come towering (lol), with your own lil spout to self-serve. Split it with the friend group, or test the limits of yours and your BFF’s capabilities. Wooohooo!

If you’re feeling a little peckish, they’ve got a couple all-new menu items to keep you happy. Dive into jerk chicken burgers, lettuce wraps, or fresh summer salads. Perhaps all of the above?

We’ll be basking up here all summer. We just might even share our margarita tower with ya!


Where: 250 Adelaide St W

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