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This retro ice cream parlour is a summer must-try

Via Curiocity Toronto

The Big Chill has 66% on Rotten Tomatoes. The other Big Chill has a 100% on Curiocity Rates Ice Cream Places. This old-fashioned retro ice cream parlour is about to give you maaaajor food envy. You’re looking at the final form of waffles here. The Kendall Jenner of waffles.  The last waffle you see before the sweet embrace of heaven takes you. No, we’re not being dramatic.



We’d call The Big Chill a lot of things (delicious, inspiring, self-actualizing), but we wouldn’t call it very contemporary. However, that’s not the goal here. Instead of the ever-present minimalist white theme, they’ve gone full=on retro Grandma with the look.

Expect a light eyeball assault thanks to the countless knick-knacks and neon signs. Once you find the menu among the madness, you’re golden.


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The basics consist of 30 flavours of ice cream and 20 fixins. They’re not toppings in a retro parlour, they’re “fixins”. Get it right or get out. We need not proper grammar to enjoy it here.

Besides ice cream, there are some gems on the menu. First is the Kendall Jenner waffle as mentioned- grab a Belgian beauty and top ‘er with whatever fixins’ strike your fancy.


the big chill

Also, there are crepes stuffed with ice cream and toppings. We’re calling them toppings here because the French like to be proper. Of course, there’s Nutella. You shouldn’t have to even ask.

Additionally, snag sundaes, froyo, smoothies, milkshakes, and splits. Catch our ripped jeans when we try and do the splits.


There are few better spots for the frozen goods than The Big Chill. They’re open late, so come get yours!


Where: 566 College St

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