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This patio’s got perfect margs and “the best tacos in the world”

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Where do you get authentic Mexican, an endless selection of tequila, and an almost year-round patio? Mexico! Actually, you’re in luck, because El Catrin is the one Toronto spot will all of that, and more.

Let’s take a look into what just might be the best taco and tequila spot in town- Mexico’s words, not ours!

el catrin


This gorgeous spot serves modern, authentic Mexican cuisine. Yeah, we know those are a bit of a contradiction but they’re pulling it off. In fact,  one of Mexico’s top newspapers called Chef Olivier’s pastor tacos the best in the world!

If you speak Spanish, check it out here. If you don’t speak Spanish, check it out and comprehend nothing.



El Catrin also has the largest tequila and mezcal collection in Canada. If you want to fact check that, we’re happy to join you this weekend! Get yourself a perfectly made margarita. Get yourself a few, maybe.

One of our favourite thing about this place is the incredible patio! It’s unlike any other, backing onto the pedestrian-only laneways of the Distillery District. Also, the giant fire pit allows it to be open almost year-round. Remember the Winter Brunch Challenge?

el catrin

el catrin

However, if you do prefer the indoors, there’s a treat for you in there. Check out the gorgeous new floor-to-ceiling hand-painted mural by Mexican street artist Oscar Flores. It took him over 100 days to complete, so we’re down to spend 100 days admiring it!

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It’s safe to say this place has a lot going for it. When are you going to to stop by? Meet us for a marg? Tacos? Both? Okay, perfect.


Where: 18 Tank House Ln

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