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This must-try Indian spot is cooking classics with a fresh take

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We’ve all got that one friend that’ll reheat their Indian food in the office without shame. Everyone can smell it, and everyone gets hungry. Dude, take your butter chicken elsewhere cause we’re getting butter chicken envy. Now that you’re hopefully in the mood for Indian, it’s time to take a look at Ambiyan, one of Toronto’s tastiest Indian food spots right now!

First off, what’s in a name? “Ambiyan” means young or baby mango. The owner, Paul Sandhu, wanted to avoid cliche, overdone Indian restaurant names. Fair, we’ve never eaten at an Ambiyan before, but we have tried to eat an ambiyan before. No patience when it comes to mangoes.


The approach here is a little different from your average joint. Here, the chef is focused on making sure all spices are added in moderation. It’s all about not going insane with the cayenne or the chili, and varying the spices from dish to dish.

This way, no one bite is overwhelming, and each dish gets to display every little flavour it has.

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more interior

So, what to try? Paul says that their most popular dishes include butter chicken, lamb vindaloo, coconut prawn curry, and saag paneer. Of course, anything you eat should have pleeeenty of fresh naan bread on the side. Oh heck yeah, we don’t need to be told that twice.

Not only is the food on a level of its own, but the interior is everything. Clean lines, subtle luxurious touches- it’s great for a dinner out. So, you’ve got knockout recipes that hit perfectly on the palate and the promise of more naan than anyone could ever want. When are you trying it out?


Where: 1560 Yonge Street, Unit 114-115

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