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This Middle Eastern spot has one of the most eggcellent brunches in TO

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This city goes so hard for brunch, it’s kind of intimidating. You guys can demolish yourself on a Saturday night and roll into your seat at 11 AM for eggs benny like it’s no big deal. We’d be clutching the Pedialyte and praying for mercy, so we respect it. As you can tell, the theme of today is brunch!

Therefore, we’ve picked out one of the most eggcellent brunches in town to feature today! You’ll be Eggstatic you went. Literally.



In case you couldn’t tell, we’re talking about Eggstatic. It’s an artisan brunch locale run by a chef who believed in one thing and one thing only: “eat breakfast like a king.”

Okay, we’re on board. Firstly, here’s the thing- this isn’t your super basic brunch. Actually, it’s way better! Eggstatic has a decidedly Middle Eastern twist on breakfast, and it’s wicked.



For example, you can start your brekkie with halloumi and akawi cheese sauté, fatteh, signature hummus, or a mazza plate. Take it from us, and get the halloumi and akawi in a croisssant. Just do it.

Then, things get a little more diverse in the mains section. Dive into a full Canadian breakfast, Kafta Scotch eggs, or the legendary smoked salmon benedict. Everyone in here agrees on one thing, which is to order different things and try everything. Although, that might leave you with some Biscoff Lotus pancake envy from across the table. It’s the name of the game, man.



Also, speaking of biscoff pancakes, the sweet side of the menu is worth the sugar coma you’ll get a few hours later.

Get pistachio and akawi cheese pancakes, Belgian waffles, or even a beef shakshuka waffles! In fact, the latter is actually the chef’s chosen hangover cure. Apparently waffles, minced beef, skakshuka tomato sauce, and poached eggs are the new Gatorade and desperation.

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If you’re willing to get up early and beat the wait here, it’ll be totally worth it. However, don’t take it from us, take it from the crowd of very devoted diners out the door every weekend!

See you for some Scotch eggs and an Oreo milkshake. Don’t judge our combo, we’re living our best lives over here.


Where: 1568 Bayview Ave

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