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This is the only place in Toronto where you can get rose-shaped avo toast

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Inner beauty is really important, but we’re not going to lie and say it’s everything. A good looking breakfast from Early Bird will always fire us up, and today we’re taking a look at one of the most gorgeous ones we’ve found! Almost too pretty to eat… almost.


early bird

Early Bird is a super minimal, clean-lines sort of spot. However, the food is anything but. They use fast, simple, and healthy ingredients in favour of processed carp. We meant to say crap, but they don’t use carp either so we guess it’s not wrong either way.

Also, they’ve got a pretty heft rep for great coffee. They roast multiple coffees so you can sample around until you find your new go-to! Our go-to is anything with cute latte art. We’re easy to please.

early bird

early bird

Let’s talk about this toast, among other things. One of the most recognizable dishes you’ll have here is the avocado toast. It’s served either smashed or sliced (get sliced to enjoy that amazing avo rosette action), with fraiche creme, parm, and micro greens. There’s also practically an entire bouquet on there, ridiculously cute.

Feeling sweet? Good, cause you are! Get the blueberry ricotta toast with brown sugar and lemon thyme. It’s vegan-modifiable, but don’t ask us how vegan ricotta is made. We were never that science-y.


early bird

If toast isn’t your jam (heh), tuck into hearty falafel bowls, eggs benny, or turkey sausage brekkie sandwiches. The signature “this is too good looking to be on my plate” rings true for the benny, too!

Feed your eyes, which is weird to say when you think about it, at this anything but average cafe!


Where: 613 Queen St W & 181 Bay St

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