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This beloved dessert shop has a brand new location and tasty new treats

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We have a soft spot for desserts. It can be found right around our midsection, and it’s proof that we don’t say no to treats. Roselle has long been one of our favourite places for a sweet fix, but did you know they’ve got a second location up and running?



Roselle is now Roselle West and East. The West is their OG location and headquarters, and the unofficial Croissant Heaven. East is the new home of their beloved Earl Grey soft serve. No croissants here at the moment, but you can get in on special late-night hours on Friday and Saturday here.

So what do you need to try? Well, one of everything. After that, make sure you give their new viennoiserie a try! These are baked goods made from a special kind of dough. Think puff pastry but richer and sweeter! These are available at Roselle West.

cake roselle


As if you needed another reason to pop by, Roselle West is proudly displaying their handmade caramels. They come in a variety of flavours, and we wouldn’t even be that mad if we lost a tooth to them like we did in 5th grade. So good. Our dental integrity might be questionable but we’re happy.

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cookies roselle

roselle caramels

Despite lots of changes over 4 years and a second location, the vision for the business hasn’t changed!

Stephanie and Bruce still independently own Roselle and strive every day to offer consistent, delicious and quality products.


Pop by the new digs for a perfect croissant (feel free to snag us a chocolate one if you don’t mind), or head to the original spot for soft serve or a slice of cake.

Scratch that, we’ll split a cake if you want in.


Where: 362 King St East & 108 Dovercourt Rd

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