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Rental of the Week: World-renowned design in gorgeous High Park

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It’s Wednesday, my dudes. That means it’s the Curiocity Toronto Rental of the Week day! We’ve got a huge designer 2 bed in High Park for ya today, done to the nines by a renowned architect and interior designer. You’re gonna love this one, although we really hope you love all of them. We thrive off your approval.

Time to admire this gorgeous High Park gem!


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rental of the week toronto

We’re here on Indian Road, which is going to anger your politically correct pal. Have him direct his suggestions to the city, and ask him to get his feet off the coffee table while he’s at it.

Antique road names aside, you’re basking in 3000 sq ft. of space and 2 bedrooms. Nothing like having a living room big enough for a spontaneous cartwheel, right? Just us? We kicked over a lamp and broke a window pane when we tried to do that in our place. Our landlord isn’t too stoked, and we regret everything.


rental of the week toronto

We’re on the ground floor of a two-suite building here, so you can claim you live in a duplex to get one step closer to real home ownership. Someday we’ll be detached… someday.

The main room has soaring 13 foot ceilings, so when your tall pal Anton comes by for dinner, he too can enjoy the living room cartwheel without plunging a heel into the roof. Sorry Anton, not many places are made for 6’5″. Good thing you’ve got this space now, right?

rental of the week toronto

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rental of the week toronto

Then, along with the vertical space, we’ve got 6 sets of 12-foot windows, a Juliet balcony, and a private garden and outdoor entertaining area.

13 is the magic number here, so of course there’s a 13-foot gas fireplace in the “sumptuous” living area. Ah, real estate listings and their fancy dancy words! Also, there’s heated floors throughout so your toesies won’t suffer in those cold winters.


rental of the week toronto

Next, the chef’s paradise has a 15-foot marble island we would happily sleep on given the chance. Yes, this is a chef’s paradise and not a kitchen. Flex on your friends with that one! In fact, the kitchen is the design gem of the house. Perfect for us to order Uber Eats into!

Finally, the rooms are spacious, filled with natural light, and there’s a jacuzzi tub in the ensuite. You bet your booty we’re getting freaky in there, and you’re invited! Also, the closet is a separate room in its own right, it’s so huge.


rental of the week toronto

Additionally, location wise you’re minutes from downtown, steps from Keele or Dundas West TTC, and a stone’s throw from Roncesvalles and the Junction.

Alrighty, all you need is $6500. Sleeps 4, plus us on the kitchen island, so we can make it work.

To check out the listing, click right here!

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