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Rental of the Week: An impressive King West loft with soaring ceilings

Via Sotheby's International Realty

Hey, fellow real estate creepers. We’ve got a pretty darn cool Rental of the Week for ya here in Toronto! As much as we sass lofts for lacking some of the most basic necessities of a living space (uh, doors), this one is worth seeing. It’s got a layout unlike anything else, and major potential. Let us creep together!


Toronto rental of the week

toronto rental of the week

This loft is in the Kings building at, you guessed it, 800 King Street West. It’s a 2-level penthouse with major “I live like a king by my lonesome” vibes.

The elephant in the room: yes, the appliances need some upgrading and the cabinetry isn’t super modern. Bear with us, people. You’ll see that the roof has a stunning design, with a completely open middle over the living room and polished concrete ceilings. Very cool, very cool indeed.

toronto rental of the week

None of your guests will be looking at your somewhat dated white fridge when there’s such a wicked sightline, we promise. We’re thinking you should just offer to update the place for the landlord, and then keep it. Throw some sleek black cabinets and stainless steel appliances in there, and you’re golden.

The upstairs keeps it industrial with iron railings and concrete ceilings. However, it’s carpeted up here for max bedroom coziness. Dinner guests overstaying their welcome? You could drop crackers on them from above when you’re wanting them to leave. That’s the true benefit of a two-level loft.

toronto rental of the week

toronto rental of the week

The great thing about this one bed is it’s got two bathrooms, so the upper level can just be your private enclave all the time. Again, the bathroom could use a touch of updating, but it’s no big deal. When you get sad about your old toilet, just take some cool snaps of the living room from above and send them to your friends who live in basements. They’ll make you feel better.

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toronto rental of the week

So, what’s this fun little spot going to cost you? $2900 a month, which includes all utilities, parking, and storage. Not too bad for what you get, and we’re willing to sleep in the living room if ya want. Just an offer.

Check out the listing right here!

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