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Rental of the Week: A vintage loft featured in 50 magazines and 14 movies

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We’re taking things in a different direction for this Rental of the Week. Hey, it’s our job as the resident uncoverers of your city! We found a truly one-of-a-kind studio loft to feature today. It’s been featured in 50 magazines, 14 feature-length films, and numerous music videos. Oh yeah, she’s a bit famous!



toronto rental of the week

This is actually an Airbnb. Technically still very rentable, and it would be crazy to spend some nights in. It’s got such a unique look, and by that we mean it borders on maybe seeming haunted. It’s up to you how many nights that is!

Brick walls, wood roof beams, and gauzy white curtains create an unbelievable ambiance. We can see why people shoot movies here! It’s definitely pretty packed in terms of furniture and decoration, but it’s not cluttered. It’s just full of bookcases, vintage tables, even a piano. Props, baby.

toronto rental of the week

The host invites you to peruse the library collection, which ranges from literature to non-fiction. We just want a library of all the films this place has been in so we can watch them and go, “Ah! We’re sitting on that bed right now!”

The kitchen is framed by a gorgeous antique bar, and a real swing hangs from the ceiling of the second bed area. It’s inspiring us to look into installing a swing in our apartment. We’re not even going to ask our landlord about that one. Sometimes better to seek forgiveness than permission.

toronto rental of the week

The whole thing is very Gatsby-esque, and the reviews support that it’s a stellar pick for a night in. Some people use it for unique weekend getaways, some just want a really cool spot to crash after a night out, and some love that it’s a living piece of film history. We just wanna swing.

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So normally we’d be wrapping up with talk of parking spaces, included utilities, and monthly rent. This guy’s a little easier! If you want your night in movie history, it’s only going to cost you $210!

Check out this studio right here.

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