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Rental of the Week: A stunning $10K/month St. Regis penthouse

Via Sotheby's International Realty

Let’s swank out for a minute. If that’s not already a thing, we’re making it a thing. The Curiocity Toronto Rental of the Week is a great place to start, so park that Ferarri and sit down with some Cliquot to check it out. We’ve got a $10k a month penthouse in one of the finest residences in Toronto today.


toronto rental of the week


We’re at the St. Regis today, which is rare because we don’t belong to the upper echelon of society that can afford to live here. We can look, but we can’t touch. Sorry, we smudged the marble.

This 2 bed, 3 bathroom is set high on the 54th floor. Talk about panoramic views. Our vertigo is acting up a bit, please hold us. From the soaring coffered ceiling to private elevator, this place screams luxury. Actually, it seductively whispers. That seems more fitting.

toronto rental of the week


The kitchen is a shade of grey we’ve only ever seen in our dreams. Like if you fell asleep reading a luxury home design magazine, that’s what you’d see. It’s outfitted with black marble countertops and more storage than your personal chef could need. Also, it’s got one of those little moveable faucets right over the stove, because only peasants fill their pot in the sink and then carry it over to the stove!

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toronto rental of the week

There are lots of things we could say to tell you how nice the master bedroom is. We could talk about the built-in dark wood nightstands or the satin duvet. But we’ll just say this: the thing has its own chandelier.

The ensuite bathroom is what dreeeeams are made of (thanks, Hilary). It’s done in black tile, with a freestanding tub and a spacious glass shower. Also, the toilet is in its own little enclave. The rich pee in peace.

toronto rental of the week

The second bedroom is nothing to turn a nose up at, with its own delicate crystal lighting. Our bedroom doesn’t even have a light. We’ve got a $12 lamp from IKEA doing the talking for us.

This is an exclusive property in every sense of the word. Let’s just fudge some numbers on the application and enjoy the heck out of it until we get evicted, okay?

To check out the listing, click right here!

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