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Rental of the Week: A party-perfect New York style industrial penthouse

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It’s Wednesday, which means we’re starting the morning creeping around for the perfect Toronto Rental of the Week to show you! We had to give up the in-person creeping and go full internet creeping, because people were starting to complain about us being in their homes. We even took our shoes off and everything.


toronto rental of the week

toronto rental of the week

This week, we’re looking at a massive penthouse suite at Gotham Vintage Lofts over King West. This loft is a spacious 1,050 square feet, with 1 bedroom plus den and 1.5 bathrooms. We’re okay feeling short if it’s because of 10-foot ceilings, and we’re okay feeling lame if it’s because the place is so cool!

With wood floors, exposed beam ceilings, and brick walls, this place immediately adds 100 cool points to whoever’s in it. Add in a foosball table and some wicked industrial furniture (which you can rent, too) and you’re the coolest in the friend group. Speaking of friends, it’s ideal for a party because of the completely open layout! Also, the foosball table. Your pals are going to eat that up.



Now, it is a loft, so you’re not going to be able to leave your own party to sleep. You’ll still hear everything, which is the decidedly worst part of loft life. If you feel like being sad, just admire your trendy barn door and nautical themed bathroom, and remember that cool people don’t cry about their cool lofts.

The building is pretty stacked as well, with a gym and entertainment spaces. You’re also going to be enjoying the perks of having included underground parking, a storage locker, and visitor parking. Again, making those guests feel at home and a little bit envious.

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toronto rental of the week


Being cool and living in a trendy penthouse loft doesn’t come cheap, though. This is Toronto, after all. If you want this particular apartment for your own, you’ll be shelling out a cool $3600 a month. $3750 if you want that parking space.

Take one from our book and internet creep the listing right here!

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