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Rental of the Week: A light-filled 3 bed with a private ensuite sauna

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It’s been a bit chilly lately, pals. What better to do than spend our time browsing for a Toronto Rental of the Week that’ll warm you right up? We’ve got a bright 3 bedroom in the Entertainment District with a sauna. Yeah, we’re not sure how this passed building code or how your tenant’s insurance is going to take it, but you can sweat your worries away as long as you like!



toronto rental of the week

This apartment is at 550 Front Street West, just minutes from all the fun of both King and Queen West. However, its removed from the action enough to let you get a little sleep without the riffraff keeping you up. Life’s all about balance, right?

It’s an expansive 1600 square feet, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Sitting on a corner, you’ve got exposure to the east, west, and south! That means water views and enough sunlight to give you the will to live through the winter.

toronto rental of the week


A rich leather sofa complements dark wood cabinets, and really brings out the beauty of the piano in the corner we don’t know how to play. That’s false, we can rock the socks off some Chopsticks. 

The kitchen looks directly over the living room which looks directly over the piano which… you get it, it’s an open floorplan. A feature wall behind the TV matches the once in the master, which is actually a pretty sleek little room. The hanging lights next to the bed give it a hotel vibe in the best way.

toronto rental of the week


The master actually also has a private reading nook, so whoever’s in this one should definitely be shouldering the brunt of the rent. It’s an unfair amount of space, and we haven’t even talked about the walk-in closet yet!

The ensuite pairs a chunky white countertop with more sleek dark cabinetry, and we’re going to stop wasting time talking about it because SAUNA. Your own private, hot, steamy, pore-opening getaway right there whenever you need it. What a treat!

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toronto rental of the week

The additional bedrooms aren’t as large and in charge, but built-in shelving and all that bright light sweeten the deal. We’re taking applications for roommates. Sauna access exclusive to us. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

This baby’s on the market for $5200 a month. With a few roomies, we feel like you’re really getting a bang for your buck here. If you feel poor, go have a little cry in the (you guessed it) sauna.

Go ahead and check out the listing right here!

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