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Rental of the Week: A fancy 49th-floor Sky Palace

Via Toronto Luxury Rentals

We all want to hide away in the clouds sometimes. Our therapist wants us to talk about it but we think it’s just the urge to live in this insane Curiocity Toronto Rental of the Week. Care to join? For the rental, not the therapy.

Let’s take a look at this amazing 49th floor 3 bedroom in the heart of Old Toronto.

It’s a case study in how nice white paint looks with tons of natural light. Spoiler alert: it looks really good.


We’re at 88 Scott here. Literally, 88 Scott Street. Yes, the building is also named 88 Scott. Pretty self explanatory, so we’re going to stop explaining now.

This is one of those buildings that makes your friends go “ohhh daaaaang” when they walk in. The lobby is hotel-level impressive, so us picking up Skip the Dishes in our housecoat and slippers doesn’t really fit but we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Also, there’s a pool and a gym for all the fitness we don’t do, but they’re nice to look at!

So, once we’ve enjoyed an uncomfortably long elevator ride, it’s time to see what this baby has to offer. We’ve got 1290 sq ft. of space and 3 bedrooms. Lots of space but don’t be surprised if we sneak in to cuddle anyways.

The living space is floor-to-ceiling windows, as are the bedroom windows. If you don’t like heights, this is either going to be a worthwhile exercise in counterconditioning or a nightmare. Just depends on your outlook!

The kitchen tosses a little earthy accent tone into the whole mix so your retinas won’t be toooo scalded by the white theme. Also, a waterfall quartz countertop never hurts in any capacity. Except when you smash your hip into it, that hurts.

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Please take a moment to appreciate the weirdness that is the bathroom faucet. Washing your hands from a faucet in front of you is so yesterday (???!!).

The bathroom is so lovely that we can easily forget about some weird angles and arrangements. Most likely.

You and your roommates can fight over who gets the bedroom with the patio. A fight to the death is appropriate for a balcony, but just avoid too much blood spatter on the white walls. Your Mr. Clean eraser might struggle a little with that one.

This palace in the sky comes in at $5290 per month. How many people are you going to have to split with? We’re happy to take the patio bedroom off your hands…

To check out the listing and get minor vertigo, click right here.

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