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Rental of the Week: A Bloor West penthouse with hidden surprises

Via Toronto Luxury Rentals

Hola, rental people. Welcome to the best day of the week, the Curiocity Toronto Rental of the Week day! We’ve chosen a unique Bloor West village 2 bed with a pretty swanky bar cart. We always wanted to have a bar cart. Would you like room temp Coke or Sprite? At your service.

Let’s take a look at this penthouse! Surprise, it’s a penthouse!



We’re taking a departure from lofts this week after a couple loft weeks. If you like lofts, cool. “Hey roomie, just wave at me if you have a nightmare. I’m five feet away and there’s an utter lack of doors! Night!” No thx. We’re taking a turn in the penthouse direction, and this rental has Actual Bedrooms. Nice!

We’re in Runnymede, which sounds like a way you’d order eggs. However, it’s steps away from pretty much anything you could need, so we’ll take the breakfast feels and run with them. Run. Runny. Eggs.

toronto rental of the week

toronto rental of the week

This top-notch top floor baby has 1070 square feet, 2 beds and 2 baths, and a huge patio. We’d swipe right.

Walk on over the heated floors into the kitchen. Why yes, heated floors! A nice lil surprise feature for ya. There’s more, stay tuned. The floor plan is nice and open for all the people you’re going to entertain with your bar cart! Also, the stove is pretty dang sweet. You could do a lil flambée action if they’re less than impressed with the bartending.

toronto rental of the week

toronto rental of the week

You’ve got a generous peninsula for all of your three friends plus you, or us, plus you, plus two pals. BYOP, bring your own pals cause we don’t have any to spare.

Out from your generous living space, there’s a big boi of a patio for you to spread eagle tan nude on. Another surprise feature! Dreams do come true!


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The bedroom has patio access, so you can sneak out to do the outdoor doodly doo with your beau without the roommate knowing. At least that’s what we’d do… if we had a beau. Anyways.

So you’ve got room to breathe, great appliances, outdoor space, a tasteful semi-chandelier, and the comforting warmth of a heated floor under your toesies. What more could you want?

toronto rental of the week


If you’re feeling so inclined, this could be yours for $4300 a month. Hurts a little, we know. C’est la vie.

To check out the listing, click right here!

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