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Neighbourhood Guide: How to spend a day in Yorkville

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You wanna be a part of high society for a day? Let’s take a trip to Yorkville. One of Toronto’s most chic neighbourhoods, there are tons of things to do in Yorkville. Supercar spot? Shop the Mink Mile? Eat expensive food? Ah, perfect. We’ll put on our fancy leggings for this day out. Here’s what to do with a day in Yorkville!


First, you gotta get some breakfast. Stop by Cafe Boloud (60 Yorkville Ave) for some French-inspired digs. Once you’re full of acai granola parfait and cold-pressed juice, it’s time to explore. First, we gotta ask the health nuts why cold-pressed is better. We’re juice peasants. Actually, we’re peasants in general in this neighbourhood.

things to do in yorkville

Then, as you’re strolling around, stop by the Village of Yorkville Park (Cumberland St & Bellair St) for a little history and a big rock. Yorkville used to be a village all it’s own before being annexed by Toronto in 1883.

This park is home to a 650-tonne hunk of billion-year-old granite. In fact, it was chopped right out of the Canadian Shield. A little piece of the Canadian landscape for you to rub elbows with! Wait, rocks don’t have elbows.


Not so into rocks? Weirdo. What about dinosaurs? Yorkville is home to the Royal Ontario Museum (100 Queen’s Park). It’s one of the coolest museums in the city, with tons of natural history. Also, they host super cool adults-only events you don’t want to miss out on!


Feeling peckish? Stop by Sassafraz (100 Cumberland St) for expensive, but delicious lunch. The patio is perfect to people watch. Also, stay for an extra coffee and supercar spot!

Yorkville is the perfect place to undress some fancy vehicles with your eyes, especially during the annual Exotic Car Show. Stand in front of an Aventador, across the street from Louis Vuitton, and feel your relative poverty in your soul.

exotic car show

Speaking of Louis Vuitton, Yorkville is perfect for shopping. Well, if you have money that is. Feel free to window shop and browse The Mink Mile on Bloor, which is the 22nd most expensive shopping street in the whole world.

It’s home to tons of fancy flagships, including Chanel, Holt Renfrew, and Cartier. However, there’s also some slightly more accessible shopping like Max Mara, J. Crew, Sephora, and Banana Republic.


Worked up an appetite? Stop by Bar Reyna (158 Cumberland St) or Hemingway’s (142 Cumberland St) for a little upbeat end to the night. One’s Mediterranean, one’s New Zealand-esque, both are perfect for some snacks and drinks.

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Look at you, blending in with the posh people already! Kind of, at least. Then, if you really want to finish the night strong, stay at one of the fancy-ass hotels in the area. However, if you’ve spent your last time, head back home and kiss the cars, shops, and people in stilettos goodbye.

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