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Neighbourhood Guide: A full day in Kensington Market

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Is it a neighbourhood, or is it a legend? Kensington Market is definitely both. As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Toronto, there are a hundred things to do in a day in Kensington Market. In fact, it’s a National Historic Site of Canada. Is your neighbourhood that cool? Didn’t think so.


This vibrant, multicultural district has way more than we can cover in a day. However, we’re going to do our darndest to pick some of the best spots to eat, see, and do. Let’s start the day bright and early, shall we? First, you’ll be eating at local, unique restaurants all day. Snag breakfast at Our Spot (180 Baldwin St), a notoriously affordable but super delicious resto. You can go in on three eggs, home fries, fruit, and toast for $6. Heck yes!

our spot

Then, spend some time strolling the streets. It sounds boring, but we promise this is one of the best neighbourhoods for a walk! You’ll come across markets, street vendors, and tons of cool one-off shops. It’s never a dull moment here!

Kensington Street is perfect if you’re looking for cute Victorian homes and a hippie mecca. Also, Baldwin Street is great to cruise for restaurants, and Augusta Ave is where you’ll want to go for trendier shops and ethnic eateries.


It’s lunchtime! We’re going off the rails here and suggesting (no, demanding) you get something sweet. Wanda’s Pie in the Sky (287 Augusta Ave) is one of our favourite places in Toronto. Grab a sandwich if you want some savoury, but don’t dare leave without trying a slice of that actual heaven. So freakin’ good!

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vintage shops

So, you’re feeling a little inspired by the eclectic vibe, hey? Stop by Bunglaow (273 Augusta Ave) for fabulous vintage shopping! They’ve got all the vintage clothes, home decor, furniture, and accessories you could probably ever need in your life. Trust us, you need it in your life.

There’s a plethora, in every sense of the word, of vintage shops in Kensington Market. It’s a paradise if you’re into thrifting and retro goods!

a day in kensington market

Feeling ready for some dinner eats? Perfect. Stop by Seven Lives (69 Kensington Ave) for cheap, fast, delish tacos.

Or, if you’re feeling something a little more eclectic, try Rasta Pasta (61 Kensington Ave). It’s a Jamaican pasta fusion spot, and probably the only one in the world! Although, seating is limited so feel free to take your meal out to a park to enjoy.

maison close 1888

We like to end the evening with a nightcap, so come along to Maison Close 1888 (21 Kensington Ave). You’ll creep into the back of a Victorian home, onto an adorable patio decked out with a camper van. It feels like you’re having a drink in your buddy’s backyard, so the vibes are perfect!

You’re going to want more days, but at least this is a start, right? Enjoy a day in Kensington Market, and definitely come back for more!

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