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Take a look into TO’s first zero-waste grocery store

Via Curiocity Toronto

Haunted by sad sea turtles every time you toss a wrapper, box, or container? Be free from your demons. Unboxed Market is bringing the zero-waste shopping lifestyle to Toronto, so you can buy only what you need without the trash guilt!

Partners Michelle Genttner and Luis Martins put the blood, sweat, and tears into Unboxed Market after realizing how insane food waste is in Canada. We popped in for an exclusive look at how Unboxed is different, and what you can expect when you shop there.

Let’s take a look:



“It was the restaurant life that really opened our eyes: not just to the disconnect that many people today have with their food, but also to the incredible amounts of unnecessary waste that occur every day.”

“The Province of Ontario says that Ontarians create enough food waste to fill the Rogers Centre FIVE TIMES every year. We decided that we needed to do something.” And so, they created this little spot! You won’t find a plastic bag in sight here. In fact, every item you buy will either be brought home in your own reusable containers or in the affordable cotton bags they offer.



The process is simple: Weigh, fill pay, repeat. Feel free to bring back the cotton bags, your own bags, jars, or whatever other containers you like. We enjoy putting laundry detergent in decorative vases to surprise our houseguests.

You can bring your own containers from home, or pay a deposit to use theirs. Write the weight of your container and the weight of your food, and the value of the container is deducted from the price. Go home, snack away, and you’re golden!



Feeling peckish? There’s a grab-and-go cafe, so you can fill your travel mug, mason jar, or water bottle for some shopping fuel. Additionally, there are tons of yummy baked goods and snacks. Grab a fresh pastry without the packaging to toss!

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They also have a ton of pre-prepped meals in case you don’t feel like cooking. Throw that baby in your own casserole dish and you mother in law won’t know the difference 😉

Buy no trash, toss no trash, don’t feel like trash! Also, sea turtles shan’t need to exact revenge on you.


Where: 1263 Dundas St W

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