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If you’re feeling holy, this crazy church-themed bar is the place to be

Photo via @thevaticangiftshopVia Curiocity Toronto

Does your ideal bar have church decor, a confession booth, and a dance floor known for 80s and 90s hits? Wait, what? Definitely not. The Vatican Gift Shop is not a gift shop or a church, despite what the name might suggest. This speakeasy bar and live music venue is one of a kind in every sense of the term, so let’s take a look!


the vatican gift shop

If you’re not usually committing and confessing your sins in the same night, now is your chance. Kidding, there’s no priest in the confession room, just a drunk girl or two.

What was once a schoolhouse when it was first built is now a busy hot spot! Unassuming from the outside, you’re looking for a red sign of two crosses being the only marker of the entrance. Hallelujah, there it is.

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the vatican gift shop

the vatican gift shop

The front room is filled with religious paraphernalia, and actually, there are plans to turn it into an actual gift shop this coming fall. This place gets more and more interesting! A large wooden church door leads you into the main space, with big booths and long tables perfect for groups and parties. There’s live music on Thursday nights and always a dance floor on Friday and Saturday.

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the vatican gift shop


The space is dimly lit with lots of natural candlelight making its way around the room. Candlelight makes everything better. Time to breka bread? Check out the Italian-focused food menu! Neopolitan pizzas made from scratch, meatballs, bruschetta, and charcuterie are just a few of the offerings.

Finally, of course you’re going to want a sip of the communion wine. Between tequila and amaro based cocktails, twenty rotating taps of beer, and several wine options, you’re bound to find something that suits you.


It might not be the most regular space, but it’s perfect for a fun night out. Now you can say the bar is your church, and your grandma can’t even really fight you on it. Plus, you get to sleep in on Sunday morning. Amen to that!


Where: 1047 Gerrard St E