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Home of the Week: A hidden log oasis for under $2M

Via Sotheby's International Realty

What’s the vibe for the Curiocity Toronto Home of the Week? A log home, but make it luxury. We’re talking out in the woods, no neighbours, a personal swimming hole and tennis court. Unassuming from the outside, and packed with perfect touches on the inside. This is the glamping of the real estate world, friends.



toronto home of the week

We’re talking a drive out of the city this week, to the quiet town of Erin. You’re just under an hour to town, but it feels like an entire world away out here. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to invade everyone’s personal bubble on the TTC, and we love it.

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toronto home of the week living

toronto home of the week

With 4 beds, 3 baths, and a whopping 56,786 square metres of land (roughly 14 acres), you’ve got all the room for activities you need. We always dreamt of buying a place in the country and absolutely packing it with animals. The armadillos and chickens might need to share a bedroom, but we think they’ll be happy here.

This home is a far cry from the sleek, white modern trend of the moment. From the outside, it’s earthy. We’d call it understated but those windows give a little flex without being too obvious. Cabin 2.0.

toronto home of the week


A stunning kitchen combines warm wood tones with sleek white countertops and backsplash. Seems like a place where you’d whip up some pancakes for your overnight guests from the city. They’d swoon at the amount of space you have, and you’d feign sympathy because it took you how long to get to work last week? Wow, we can’t even really remember what construction is like! Haha! Would you like some tomatoes from our garden?

One of our favourite parts is the light, airy sunroom. Dine, relax, cozy up by the fire, and then when it’s night time you can freak out because you thought you saw a person outside the window. Ah, country living!

toronto home of the week

The bedrooms are the perfect blend of country warmth and modern colours. Just don’t smoke your head on those ~unique~ ceiling angles. Speaking from experience here.

Thinking you’re ready for some wide open spaces? This beauty of a home is on the market for $1,998,000. Not even that bad- country perk #1039.

Check out the listing right here, house hunters!

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