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Home of the Week: A $12M super-modern architectural Jetsons house

Via Sotheby's Realty

Another day, another dolla. Another Monday, another Toronto Home of the Week. Today, we’ve picked out a super-modern architectural Jetsons house, and we know that’s not technical real estate talk by any means. It’s just the vibe we’re getting from this place. Look at that rotunda, man. That rotunda is in the year 3000 and we’re all here in 2020.



This home is situated at 75 Highland Crescent, overlooking the Rosedale Golf Club. We overlook a scraggly raccoon den. Different lives, you know?

It’s got 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and parking for 10 cars. Only plebs drive the same car two days in a row, duh. That’s how you gain membership at the Rosedale Golf Club, you never drive up in the same car two days in a row. Kidding, maybe.

toronto home of the week


This house spans a whole estate-sized lot, and it’s got futuristic curb appeal in spades. Every little touch is modern as frick, from the kitchen faucets to the soaring skylights.

The entryway has what we call BDE, and each room flows into the next with understated yet luxurious design. It’s minimal, but you’re making plenty of impact.

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office home
The waterfall island in the kitchen seats six, which should give you an idea of how much counter space you’re working with here. Foor-to-ceiling windows are squeezed in everywhere they can be, so each little corner of the house has a view to the lush green beyond. Well, it’ll be lush green again in the summer.

One of our favourite rooms is the office, with its stunning wood inset cabinetry and plush meeting chairs. How much of a baller do you have to be to hold meetings in your own home? We aspire to that.

toronto master

toronto home

The master bedroom is one of the biggest we’ve seen in our many days of real estate trolling, and the ensuite is no joke. You could hide a family of 12 in there. Not that you’d ever want or need to do that for any reason… It’s big. The tub in the middle of the room and the low-lying wood cabinetry give it major spa feels.

Check out this stunning Toronto home right here. Don’t get too excited, though. It’s on the market for nearly $12M.

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