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Get your fill of authentic kebab and doner at this delicious Turkish spot

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Istanbul is far. Best Istanbul? Not nearly as far! If you’re craving a doner or kebab fix, this little shop should be next on your list. Delicious flavours, friendly staff, and way more food than you thought $16 could buy are waiting for you!


If this was Average Istanbul or Mediocre Istanbul, we wouldn’t be here. To start, the menu is classic Turkish fare. You’ll be choosing between shish kebabs, doner, wraps, and pides (Turkish pizzas). Also, sides like fries and lavash will round out the meal for ya.

Our recommendation is to give the pides a shot because holy smokes we think our life was changed by that thing.


best istanbul

Fair warning, vegetarians won’t have a ton of options- the sebzeli pide with veggies and feta is your best bet.

However, everything is 100% halal and the meats are fresh and perfectly seasoned. We just throw salt and pepper at stuff and hope it works. These guys could teach us a thing or two.


best istanbul

If you’re coming with some pals, definitely go for a mixed plate. You’ll get enough sish and doner to feed 2-10, and really that’s more like 3-15.

The best part? The dudes running the place might toss in a little free dessert or something of the like. They want you to enjoy the food and keep coming back! Also, our single friend said they’re good looking. You can go find that out for yourself.

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best istanbul

best istanbul

Feeling like you’ve gotta go to Istanbul? Let your hunger guide you, friend. Let it also guide you to sharing your fries with us.


Where: 2762 Keele St, North York & 235 Augusta Ave

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