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Get healthy in the most delicious way at this trendy spot

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When was the last time you ate a broccoli? How about a spinach? Been a while? It’s time to head over to Wise & Wright for micronutrients, which are those healthy things you’re supposed to be ingesting. Don’t worry, it tastes unreal so you’ll wonder why you’d been avoiding the kale for so long. It’s not your enemy! Green things help you actually live!

wise & wright

Wise & Wright is a fast-casual health spot trying to make you enjoy your veggies. Fast-casual is restaurant speak for you don’t have to sit down, which is great for the speedy eaters and short lunch breakers among us.

They’re making healthy food “chef-inspired and palatable.” Palatable sounds like it’s setting a low bar, but essentially the message here is that it tastes good, whether or not their word choice there was convincing.


wise & wright

Firstly, we’ve got witchcraft magic on the coffee menu. At least that’s what comes to mind when we drink a Wise Elixir Latte. There’s probably some polyjuice potion in there or something. Actually, you’ll be getting drinks jazzed up with matcha, coconut butter, dates, and Himalayan salt.

Feel free to extend the magic to a Wise Elixir Smoothie. They’ve got one called Tall Dark and Handsome, full of chocolate, which is everything we’ve ever wanted in life.

wise & wright

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wise & wright

Then, get yourself something to eat! They’ve got bowls, brekkies, superfood salads, and wicked toasts. Think dishes like ahi poke, turkey bacon and egg sandwiches, or smashed avo toast. Our fave is the Jamaican Me Crazy Bowl, because we have a feeling whoever got to name that one was pretty stoked about it.

Also, everything is super adaptable to your diet and preferences. There’s no reason to avoid health anymore, pals! Not when it tastes this good.


Where: 777 Bay St

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