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Find a fiesta of Mexican flavours at this colourful hotspot

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List of our favourite things: sunny patios, Mexican food, and our cat Marley. You can get two of these at Chula Taberna Mexicana, we’ll let you guess which ones. It’s time to take a look at this knockout Day of the Dead-themed eatery, from the outdoor seating to the passionfruit paloma. Just going to warn you in advance, you’re going to want tacos after this.


The first thing you’ll notice is the skulls. Last time we said that, we were in a much scarier place. Here, they’re all part of the decor, which is colourful and just macabre enough. Think Nightmare Before Christmas but on a happy Mexican vacation!

The ambiance here is on point. It actually almost makes you forget you’re in Toronto a bit, so drop by if you’re yearning for a little escape from your neighbours and their bedroom noises. Ah, close living quarters.

chula taberna mexicana

When it comes to food, it’s hard to pick favourites. That’s what our parents should have said when we asked if they preferred us or our brother. It’s fine, we’re fine.

What we can definitely say is the tacos are fab. Also, get the street corn, and try the burrito bowls. Ah, and the Korean fried tofu taco! Also, Mexican corn dogs. Get that stomach primed n’ ready, pal.


chula taberna mexicana

Let’s be real, 60% of the reason we come to Mexican places is for the drinks. Some might call us unhealthily addicted to tequila, we prefer the term “margarita enthusiast.” Either way, we’re getting the goods here! The drinks aren’t overly sweet, almost like they were mixed by a talented bartender and not us, with store-bought crap.

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chula taberna mexicana

chula taberna mexicana

Also, if your crippling indecision joins you at the table, no worries! The servers aren’t just lovely people, they also really know their stuff and they’re happy to point you in the direction of the best taco for you.

Feeling the need for a little staycation? Get out to the closest thing Canada has to Mexico at Chula Taberna Mexicana. We’re willing to bet you a marg you’ll have a wicked time. Cheers!


Where: 1058 Gerrard St E

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