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Exclusive: Look inside one of TO’s most beautiful restos

Via Curiocity Toronto

We’re suckers for beautiful restaurants. Oh, you are too? Great. We’re here to share the beauty! Lena is a favourite for South American cuisine, but it’s at the top of our Very Pretty Spaces list too.

The interior mixes punches of colour, tiles, and classic gold details. Seriously,  very stylish. We don’t belong here.

The accents are what we’d have in our home if we were stylish. Think velvet seating, overhanging gold lighting, and cool South American themed art.

lena toronto

Around the corner from the bar is the dining room. Without being annoying or loud, bold accent colours highlight the space. We’d never trust ourself with mustard colour anything but they’ve nailed it.

The patterned wallpaper is almost homey. However, gold trim and chic lighting makes it feel just luxe enough.

The food… oh man. South American flavours take dishes like salmon ceviche to the next level. We recommend starting with chipas, which is essentially a fancy warm cheese bun with olives and pickled jardiniere.

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Don’t leave without giving the stracciatella burrata a go. It starts with house-pulled mozzarella. Then, marinated eggplant, saffron and raisin gastrique are added. Finally, it ends up in your mouth via grilled bread. Not sure what a gastrique is. Loving it anyways.

If your accent isn’t practiced, feel free to do the ol’ point-at-the-menu-and-order.


Pro tip: if you creep down the art deco staircase, you’ll find Bar Lala. It’s Lena’s fun, alcoholic little sister. A perfect place to start or end the evening, we’re thinking!


Where: 176 Yonge St