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Dundas West’s new spot has a rep for wicked patio vibes and great food

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The Commoner is a unicorn. Wanna know why? They’ve nailed that elusive trifecta of amazing food and drinks, perfect service, and atmosphere. When this new spot opened up on Dundas West, some people didn’t think it would quite fit in. Well, it’s already become a neighbourhood favourite! Changing minds one braised rib slider at a time.

Let’s take a look at this well-loved neighbourhood eatery! Hope you’re hungry. Actually, hope you’re not hungry cause this will just make it worse.

the commoner inside


The Commoner is breathing some life into its little corner of Dundas West, with a welcoming vibe from the moment you’re in. The servers here are consistently on point- like way too nice, as if they’ve never even spilled a single beer on themselves. We did that once and quit restaurant life the day after.

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the commoner patio

You can’t eat nice servers though, so the food needs to be just as good. Wait… that came out kinda weird. Anyways, the food here is definitely worthy of the reputation it’s got.

Think ribs falling off the bone, delicious fish and chips, and drool-worthy burgers and sandwiches. We’re also big fans of the starters- something about that guacamole just makes our day.

You look thirsty, pal. Good thing we’re looking at an excellent drink selection. If you’re a craft beer lover, this is your spot!

They’ve got a ton of wicked craft brews on tap, and the servers know their stuff if you’re a bit stuck on what to choose. Also, they’ve got a flight sampler where you can try four different beers to find your fave.

For the tri of the fecta, just grab a seat on the buzzy patio to enjoy the vibe. Full of neighbourhood residents of all ages, this place has become a happy gathering spot of friends and family. Sounds stupidly mushy, but it’s true.

If you haven’t tried The Commoner yet, we’re recommending that 27 degree day we see in the forecast. Meet you on the patio?


Where: 2067 Dundas St W

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