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An exclusive look inside The Shameful Tiki Room

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The Shameful Tiki Room is the closest any of us are getting to Hawaii in a normal week. Unless you go to Hawaii a lot. In which case, good for you. However, for the rest of us, this colourful tiki haunt is the perfect place to get your hula and drink on. It’s time for an exclusive look inside The Shameful Tiki Room! Coconut bra optional but strongly recommended.


The Shameful Tiki Room hails from our westerly pal Vancouver. Now, it’s bringing over-the-top Polynesian decor, food, and drinks to Toronto! From the outside, it’s weirdly unassuming, but get ready to get figuratively slapped in the face with tropical everything once you’re inside. Such Hawaii.

more inside


AKA the food and drink. Don’t expect any basic ass food here! Chow down on crab rangoon, Maui coconut shrimp, and pineapple fried rice. Even their wings are all jazzy Hawaiian, with garlic, ginger, lime, thyme, (rhyme), and house sweet chili. Yussss pls.


Don’t get scared when you look at the drink menu. The 100000 items are broken down by rum base, cocktail bowls, other alcoholic bases, and non-Tiki selections. Throw that last part in the trash though, we’re not in a full-blown tiki room to NOT tiki out.


The most fun happens with the giant shareable cocktail bowls. No, it’s not really sanitary. Yes, it makes everything way more fun.

They also have a selection of beer, wine, and non-tiki drinks. Screw that, we’re getting pina coladas. Put the damn coconut bra on. TIKI IS A LIFESTYLE. Mahalo.

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Step into this tropical paradise and you’ll forget about the cold concrete of outside by the third bite of poke. It’s all in the siracha cream, it just takes you away. Mmmmm. Kinda burns. We like it.

They’re open every day from 5 until late. We’re going to be hula-ing in the corner. Wanna join?


Where: 1378 Queen St W

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