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An exclusive look at TO’s newest must-try Mexican spot

Via Curiocity Toronto

Bathe us in guac and call us a tortilla chip, we love Mexican food! Papi Chulo’s is one of the newest restaurants in Toronto, and it’s our favourite place to take guacamole baths. Literally. Keep it between us, the kitchen hasn’t noticed yet. Our skin is radiant though.

So, what’s on the menu? We’ve got the full breakdown here, of course! We tried everything so you don’t have to. Actually, we still recommend you try everything. Worth it.


Firstly, they’re serving up classic appies like pico, guac, and refried beans. However, there are a couple oddities here. Namely, fries, hot wings, and Papi’s dry rub wings. It might feel wrong to deviate from chips and dip but trust us and do it- Papi knows his wings.


Next up, we’ve got tacos. Of course. Probably saw that one coming from a mile away. Pick between carnitas, chicken, fish, crispy cauliflower, avo, Beyond Meat, or brisket. That’s right- super solid options for everyone!

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Also, there are quesadillas. Shocker! Pick from classic cheese, carnitas, or chicken. Whoever decided to grill cheese between tortillas and call it a meal truly has our heart. Thank you, whoever you are.

Next, we’ve got some shareable plates. First off, you can snag Fries Supreme. It’s loaded with crema, queso, jalapenos, green onion, and pico. Also, you can add chicken or carnitas if your heart desires. Which it probably does.


The second shareable is nachos, duh. They come piled with the same toppings as Fries Supreme, so they’re like the fraternal twins of the menu. It’s okay, you can pick a favourite twin.

Finally, there’s a few salads and bowls to choose from. We’ve got Taco Bowl, which is rice, guac, lettuce, pico, refried beans, corn, and chili lime dressing. We like mucho.

papi chulo's

Also, you can grab the Mexican Salad, which comes with lettuce, black beans, corn, avo, and pico. The chili lime dressing is also on this baby and it’s wicked. Finally, if you’re feeling a little health moment you can go for the kale corn salad with pickled red onion and pico.


Oh, and of course there’s tequila. That goes without saying.

Hungry yet? We know we are. We’re getting one of everything, wanna come?


Where: 121 Ossington Ave

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