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A look inside Toronto’s most authentic Philly Cheesesteak shop

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Things between bread > things not between bread. Bread makes everything better, which is why sandwiches are a thing. Ill Styl3 Sammies might be irking you with their use of numbers as letters, but they’re winning the people over with authentic Philly cheesesteaks!

Let’s take a look at these gorgeous, ch33sy creations!


Philadelphia is a casual 801km jaunt away, which sucks if you want a Philly sando. Plane, train, automobile? Nah fam, just stop in here!

This little spot is piling fillings into the softest, most perfectly toasty bread you’ve ever seen. There’s something so good about a perfect sandwich, it kind of makes us want to slap some cheesesteak down on our electric stove. Not a good idea, we tried.

ill styl3 sammies

Ill Styl3 (wow, we hate typing that) has a sando for everyone. Start with the classic cheesesteak. Then, you can branch out to beef steaks, chicken steaks, or veggie-friendly picks. Also, they serve breakfast sandwiches, and nothing starts the day quite like cheesesteak and eggs!


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We’d be in bad styl3 if we forgot to mention the sides. Pizza fries melty from being under the broiler are a solid pick, or you can go for something jazzy like crab fries. The upper end of the food quality chain meets the lower end, and we’ve got a beautiful creation.

Also, you can side your sammy with a queso fresco avocado salad or some beet and potato action. We say side because nobody comes here and doesn’t get a sandwich.

ill styl3 sammies

Provolone? Prosciutto? Catfish? The world is your oyster! Next time you’re feeling a lil Philly, stop by here to eat in styl3.


Where: 300 Richmond St W #102

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