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7 of the weirdest things happening in Toronto this week

Via My Modern Met

Just when we were starting to think our city was a normal place with normal people doing normal things… Another Tuesday has rolled around to prove us wrong. If you’re bored and are wondering what the weirdest things happening in Toronto are on this lovely week, this is the list for you!

Here are 7 of the weirdest things happening in Toronto this week.


Let’s talk about death baby, let’s talk about you and me. Okay, maybe not the best place for a joke. This event is all about, you guessed it- death! Head over to the Annex this Wednesday to have a bright and cheery conversation all about your own demise. Sounds uplifting, right? Maybe not. We’re gonna take a hard pass on this one.

When: Wednesday, February 12
Where: Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst St
Time: 1 PM- 3 PM
Cost: Free


If you’d rather focus on living, this class will teach you all about manifesting your goals and ambitions through vision boarding! Come together and learn how to stick paper onto bigger paper and watch it make your dreams come true!

When: Wednesday, February 12
Where: North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St
Time: 10 PM- 11:30 PM
Cost: Free


Listen, no one gets being single on Valentine’s Day more than we do. But there’s no need to hate on the holiday! This event is a party for those who are sick and tired of all the “cheesy, over-rated Valentine’s Day expectations”. The event description says “singles will mix and mingle”. Wait a second, but what if you meet someone? Does that mean you’re not invited next year?

When: Friday, February 14
Where: Duke of Somerset, 655 Bay St
Time: 9 PM
Cost: $20


This one actually could be useful if you’re on the hunt for some new mittens or a scarf this winter. Just learn how to make your own! It’s a beginner level class, so pretty much anyone is welcome. Why not, were you not planning on spending your Saturday crocheting?

When: Saturday, February 15
Where: 1515 Albion Rd
Time: 10 AM – 12 PM
Cost: Free


This event has so much going on we’re not sure what it actually is. It’s a yoga and meditation event. But also there’s live music. And a dance party with a DJ. And you can bathe in sound, whatever that means. It finishes with a group chant and hug, so that’s fun. A little odd… but fun? There’s an all-white dress code (??), so if you do attend, keep that in mind.

When: Saturday, February 15
Where: Jam Factory T.O., 2 Matilda St
Time: 8 PM
Cost: $55


In case you’re looking to attend a ceremony to spice up your weekend, the sisterhood of the rose is hosting one! There will be rose tea, rose water, rose oils, rose adornments, rose invocation- you get the idea. The event promises to teach you how to embody the rose way. We don’t know what the “rose way” is, but the event says to come dressed in shades of pink or white so we’re picturing a human garden of sorts. Like really *becoming* the roses, ya know. We hope we’re wrong. You can attend the event to find out!

When: Saturday, February 15
Where: Laya Spa and Yoga, 986 Queen St W
Time: 7 PM- 9 PM
Cost: $50


All the best baked goods are made under pressure. If you’re having an overwhelming week, head over to this event to channel it into the oven. This is pretty much what we do in our home every Sunday evening, but on a bigger scale. Feel free to send us the results! We enjoy cookies, cakes, and pretty much any baked dessert on earth.

When: Saturday, February 15
Where: PC Cooking School, 301 High Tech Rd
Time: 11 AM-1 PM
Cost: $12-$18

There ya have it. Toronto is just full of surprises, isn’t it? Get out there and get your cray on with some of the weirdest things happening in Toronto this week. Will you end up with a new crocheted scarf or maybe a meringue pie?