This whimsical daydream escape room in Toronto is finally reopening!

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toronto dreamland escape room

Looking for something fun to liven up your long weekend? We’ve got good news for you, because one of Toronto’s favourite escape rooms, Daydream Adventures, is back in business. This cool spot will take you through a portal to a magical world where you and 6 of your closest quarantine bubble buddies can work through puzzles and brain teasers to find your way out.

So the Daydream Adventures will officially be open on August 1st at 10 AM. But you can already go online and reserve your tickets ahead of time. We’ve got a feeling that slots will be scooped up fast, so you’ll wanna get on top of that ASAP.

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And, of course, like everything that’s reopening these days, there will be loads of new COVID-19 rules in place. You’ll only be able to partake in private games with your friends for now, which you’ll have to book ahead of time online.

Also, payment will be fully taken care of online, and masks and hand washing will be mandatory onsite. Daydream Toronto place also increased the time gap between booking slots so that they’ll have time to fully sanitize everything between guests. So you can rest assured that when you visit you’ll be getting the safest experience possible.

So book your adventure today! After all, this fantastical room is not gonna escape itself. So you may as well gather up your friends (safely) and get right to it.

Stay healthy, everyone!


Where: 1803 Danforth Ave