These kids just showed the most Canadian way to pull a loose tooth (VIDEO)

Via @hockeynight on Twitter

loose tooth

Dentists might be closed for the most part these days. But that’s not stopping these two Canadians from pulling out a loose tooth. Yup, in what looks like the most patriotic tooth-pulling of the season, two Canadian children have invented an entirely new way to get rid of a pesky loose tooth. Just knock it out with a hockey stick!

These boys take hockey night in Canada to a whole new level. Now, don’t worry. No one is taking a hockey stick to the face. Instead, they’ve attached the loose tooth to a string. And the other end of the string must be attached to a puck or something. Cause when he gears up and swings… well you can watch the video for the rest.

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Whew! He shoots, he scores! Nothing like good ole hockey to get the job done! We gotta give these kids kudos for their creativity.

So if a little one near you has a loose tooth that just won’t budge, why not try out this method? And if you’re an adult with a loose tooth, maybe call in the professionals for that.

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