The CP Holiday Train won’t be making its usual cross-Canada trip this year

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canadian pacific holiday train

Holiday season is around the corner but, sadly, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is not. After a string of recent cancellations it may come as no surprise that this annual event will not be taking place this year. The reason for this is, of course, the ongoing pandemic. Sigh, another event bites the dust, y’all.

In a normal year, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is a lovely way to raise money and food donations for food banks across the country. It typically begins in Quebec, then winds its way through Ontario, a little bit in the States, back up to Canada through the prairies, and ends its trip in Vancouver. Along the way, there are live concerts and events in support of the cause. Since it began in 1999, the train has raised a whopping $17.8 million and collected 4.8 million pounds of food. Not too shabby!

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Of course, even though this year’s trip is cancelled that doesn’t mean 2020 can’t contribute to that growing total. Instead, this year the event will be going virtual! As opposed to multiple events in each location, there will be one massive online concert. More details on that are to come later.

All the funds from this year will be going directly to the usual food banks that the train would be supporting in a regular year. Given the current state of the world, these donations will likely be more useful than ever.

You can read the Canadian Pacific Railway’s official statement here.