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Tesla not closing all stores, hiking prices instead

Via Fortune

Tesla is like that kid on the playground that does something not super smart and then yells “SIKE” to let people know they were just goofing. In a blog post made yesterday, the car manufacturer announced that they would not be closing all stores, with only 10% actually getting the boot.

Then, they said that they will be raising the prices of all models except for the Model 3, giving people like a week to place their orders before the hikes go into effect.

Listen, we like Tesla, but this is some of the most random behaviour from a major company we’ve seen in recent memory. We’re going to assume that the panic that set in when Elon announced the closure of all stores was a little premature.

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The cars are still great, but we’re wondering how sound the management is over there. Oh right, the guy who runs the company tweeted about taking it private at a share cost of $420 USD (forthelulz though), and sold flamethrowers on twitter.

Congrats if you took our advice on buying Tesla shares because you’re now up like 3-4% since doing so. ***Edit. Nevermind, it’s down again. Woohoo, Tesla!

Read the blog post in full here.

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