Raptors Training Centre gets new OVO name

Photo via https://www.nba.com

In the latest installment of the OVO and Raptors romance, the Raptors have renamed their practice facility to the OVO Athletic Centre. Makes sense, considering Drake has been their global ambassador for almost 6 years and OVO even designed a jersey for them.

While we wait for Drake to pool together the $1.4 billion-ish needed to buy the team from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, here are a few other ways for him to stay involved.

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First off, the Welcome Toronto tournament needs to expand a lot. Get out some of the best Raptors players and pit them against the Harlem Globetrotters, then have OVO design the jerseys for both teams. Of course, the pledge to donate a million to refurbish courts and giving youth teams a chance to compete should definitely stick around, because that’s awesome.

Next, why hasn’t Drake gotten a Raptor to guest mix OVO Sound Radio? Just have them put together a playlist, get Oliver to mix it, and they’ll be cruising. We know that NBA players have some great taste in music, so we’re surprised this hasn’t happened already.

Lastly, they need to double down on the merchandise. We want to see every Raptor signed to Nike in those OVO 12s one night. We know you can make it happen, Drake. Put the pedal to the metal.

Anyway, we’re still extremely proud of Drake and the OVO team for putting Toronto on so hard. We just crave more of the same.

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