NHL confirms 26 players with COVID-19 since start of Phase 2

Photo via NHL

nhl covid-19

Today, the NHL released a media announcement that since Phase 2 started on June 8th, 26 players have tested positive for COVID-19. This includes 15 players who are currently with their teams, and 11 players outside of ‘Phase 2 protocol’. Here’s a little more info.

First, the players in Phase 2. So far, over 250 players have reported to their respective teams to take part in the voluntary Phase 2 training. And from there, roughly 1,450 tests have been administered, with 15 of them coming back positive.

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So that leaves around 400 players outside of Phase 2, and so far the league is aware of 11 cases. Now, we should mention that these players might not be getting tested as frequently, might be better isolated… there are too many ifs to make direct comparisons.

And regardless, the NHL is not disclosing the names of the players who have tested positive, so that’s no-go too. We’re just happy they’re keeping us up to date on the case counts.

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