June Records opening up TO’s tiniest music venue

Via @swtbbt on InstagramVia June Records

How many in-store concerts before you just make a concert space? June Records has reached the number, whatever it may be. After years of hosting in-store music performances, they’ve decided to take the plunge and create a brand new performance space!

Dubbed “June Space,” it’ll be a speakeasy-style space of about 500 sq ft. They’re tossing in a custom built sounds system, too. Despite our pleading, they are NOT tossing us a custom built sound system.

Oh yeah, they’re also putting a bar in. Priorities.

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june records

There’s some concern about the space feeling a little too cozy. However, the only way to know is to try! Just wear deodorant and get ready to cuddle! That’s the glory of an intimate performance, right?

Alongside music performances, June Records also plans to host workshops, education sessions, film screenings, and pop-up events.

Expect the June Space to be officially open in June! Of course!


Where: 662 College St