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Disney On Ice is Coming to Toronto!

Via Disney On IceVia Disney on Ice

Disney on ice skaters

Is belting out “Let It Go” from the stands of Disney on Ice Toronto as Elsa nails a double lutz your idea of a good time? Ours too.

No need to blame it on your little niece (although we’re sure she’d love to come). Embrace your childhood mems and go revel in the nostalgia of all the Disney classics.

While you fight with your pals over whether Lion King or Toy Story was more iconic, skaters capture all the warm and fuzzy magic of Disney classics.

You can have your heartstrings tugged by an on-ice reenactment of Marlin finding Nemo. We won’t look when you shed a tear, promise.

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Disney on ice skaters

If that isn’t magical enough, this year is the 100 Years of Magic Celebration! This means you don’t have to feel old enjoying Disney, because Disney on Ice is older than you.

Sing along to over 30 Disney classics you’ll be pleasantly surprised you know every word to.

Also, take a minute to appreciate that the skater dressed as Pumbaa nailed those jumps in that costume. You go, Pumbaa.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

We know you went to see the new Toy Story. We know you’re counting down the days until the new Lion King release. Nothing’s quite as timeless as Disney.

Round up the crew (and your little niece), and go enjoy some happy Disney feels!

Disney On Ice

When: Friday, January 25- Monday, January 28, 2019
Where: Scotiabank Arena, 40 Bay St
Time: Several shows daily, see times here
Cost: Find tickets here

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